Who are AFT ?


Anglo-French Timber Frame and Anglo-French UK are UK companies owned by David Goldsbrough which have been involved with timber frame construction in the UK and France for 8 years, however the combined experience of the entire AFTF team amounts to many decades. In our opinion smaller companies often prove to be much better value for the customer for a host of reasons. It should be pointed out that AFTF's approach is not one of mass production churning out several house kits per day. Instead we work on select projects in France and the UK, and we like to develop a close rapport with our customers.

David has a wide range of experience within the field of property dating back around 13 years and including various countries in Europe. His aim when instigating the business was to promote timber frame construction as a viable means of building in Europe, and to make it affordable for the average person who aims to own their own house on the continent.

Flexibility is the keyword when summarising how AFT operates. Unlike other companies we are happy to work with your design or our own. We are happy to simply provide the design and manufacture of the superstructure, or to provide a skilled to team to do the erection of the building. We do not charge on a m2 basis, and our prices are fully transparent !  

 Entrance to the business centre in Leeds - home to the administrative arm of AFT.Please contact us if you wish to meet in person for an informal chat about your project. 

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